We just have a few minutes.

You'd better go to the infirmary.


I think it's time for an oil change.

We seem to keep grappling with the same old problem.

During the bubble, people dreamt of a life of leisure.


This is a very useful book.


Gideon has to give Jan another chance.

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Don't evade the question.

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The style is the man himself.


They awarded her first prize at the flower show.

Joni did a very stupid thing.

The summer here is quite warm.

What if you did do it?

I've been foolish.

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I just can't live without you.

He is home on leave.

Have you heard already that he has finally returned home?

Pat didn't want to go to the park.

Marsha was extremely grateful.

There's still a chance that Thierry might help us.

Mason doesn't like classical music.

God respects me when I work; but God loves me when I sing.

The air has become really heavy.

I thought you'd already been compensated for that.

He awoke to find the house on fire.

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Living as I do in a remote village, I seldom have visitors.

There is nothing to regret about.

Frederic has an extraordinary array of trophies.


An evening glow often promises good weather.

She was skiing.

I'm all shook up!

I don't want to talk about it.

Please don't worry about the finer details of free vs mis-translation.

Our group meets in the basement of our church every Monday evening.

It's my policy to break it off with men who ask for money.

Yesterday, Arnold cleaned the house and washed clothes.

I interpreted what he said in French into Japanese.


I like you, but not because you like me.

I don't care how much you say you love me. I know your feelings for her haven't changed.

You will not be charged for another delivery.

I'll try to say it in French.

Just keep your promise.

I think Srikanth is Luke's older brother.

That was really something.


Sear on each side over medium heat for 4 - 5 minutes.


I may go there, but that depends.

I see your cat in the garden.

He has acted wisely.


I didn't understand this joke.

Jesper ferried the passengers across the river.

He demanded that the savage dog be kept tied up.


Syed looked quite dashing.


I'm confused enough as it is.


Barrett is really fast, isn't he?

The special lecture was put off until the next day due to the bad weather.

Can you take over here?


Jean-Christophe appears to be looking for someone.

Ralf found out Murat was stealing from the cash register.

He thanked me for coming.

After he came, the party started.

Let's not waste time arguing.


We can't allow Grant to do that.

Dan burst in and interrupted the conversation.

Agriculture became possible inside the shell structure of space stations.

The escaped robber is still at large.

Wash your hands and then eat.

Sangho unwrapped the gift carefully.

You'll lose everything.


Thomas does not eat fish.

I'm going to need a minute.

What does the earth look like from space?

Music and art can greatly contribute to the enjoyment of life.

They were acting strangely.

Mario is in his office waiting.

I'm twice as hungry as I was before.


What exactly does it mean?

They bottled the wine.

Show pity on me.

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Hello, girls.

He was reading a book at that time.

I want to talk to Norm before I make up my mind.

There are about 6 billion people in the world.

We were joking.

This is what I'm made of.

Are you going to get a job this semester?

Students should make the most of their free time.

Sandip talked to Del quietly.


It's obvious that this politician has a hidden agenda.


Vilhelm forgave you.

She is better at speaking English than any of her classmates.

If you would talk less and listen more, you might learn something.

Don't forget to tell her.

Frank asked Leith to teach him how to poach an egg in a microwave oven.

There are some misprints, but all in all, it's a good book.

Sometimes, life is so unjust.

The dark horse candidate was losing in the polls before the primary.

Just don't leave me.

Stu wants you to get here ASAP.

Just follow him.

Has Takao calmed down?

Don't mix ammonia and bleach together.

Jupiter's powerful magnetic field is thought to be generated by the electric currents produced by pressurized hydrogen in the mantle.

She was young.

All who have ever written on government are unanimous, that among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.

I hope that you are very well.

Classes begin next week.

He went slowly up the stairs.

That might depend on your point of view.

Maybe I'm wrong.

They began walking toward Dominic.

It looks like Mitchell bought a new car.

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English is a kind of universal language.

I wonder what ever will become of them.

I understand you're planning a trip.

We hope to reopen soon.

I've already made my decision.

How does this disease spread?

Everything is possible.


We import flour from America.

He didn't dare to show himself there anymore.

The book attracted her attention.


I wonder why the police didn't find the gun.


Shawn won't be able to do that.

Don't you have any goals in life?

I spend a few hours a day maintaining my website.

Thanks for the gift.

I see Glen quite often.

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Ladies first.


No kidding?

Blayne clearly doesn't want to be there.

Annard blames Floyd for his mistakes.


Edith is the tallest person I know.

How much damage has been done?

I went to Boston with her.


Alfred used to come over all the time and hang out with us.

The pilot hinted that it might be a UFO.

The Devil made me do it.


It doesn't matter whether you have money or not. I love you just the same.


He has sent you a new message.

We can't do anything until we get back to the office.

Can you put some suntan lotion on my back?

Jock came out as soon as he went to college.

She made at least a hundred phone calls to her sister that day.

Is that rule applicable to us foreigners?

I stopped drinking coffee.


Generic ibuprofen is just as effective as name-brand ibuprofen.


Do you have a light beer?


Mr Brown always carries a book.

Can you tell me how long Gil has had this?

Keep this to yourself, Rajendra.

Have you got a dog?

Don't leave until we get there.


My brother still depends on our parents for his living expenses.


What floor do you live on?

It's not cheap.

She had azure hair and a face white as wax. Her eyes were closed and her hands crossed on her breast.


They were low enough in cost so many Americans could buy them.

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I'm a pretty busy person.

Why are you working for her?

Should you change your mind, let me know.